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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Movie Image
Valentine's Day Movie

Director: Garry Marshall
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Shirley MacLaine, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Emma Roberts, Hector Elizondo, Bryce Robinson, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Carter Jenkins,
Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Katy Bates, Hector Elizondo, Taylor Lautner, George Lopez, Taylor Swift


Valentine's Day is a 2010 American romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall. The screenplay was written by Katherine Fugate.
The movie deals with casually intertwining stories of the heart that take place over the course of one Valentine's Day.

An on-leave army officer named Kate (Julia Roberts) is a passenger on a flight from Iraq to Los Angeles when she meets Holden (Bradley Cooper), a gay man whose lover is a closeted football player (Eric Dane). The owner of a florist shop, Reed (Ashton Kutcher) proposes to his girlfriend, Morley (Jessica Alba), while learning his best friend, Julia (Jennifer Garner), has a boyfriend named Harrison (Patrick Dempsey) who turns out to be married. An assistant named Liz (Anne Hathaway) is working at the biggest talent agency in town and is dating the mailroom assistant, Jason (Topher Grace). Julia's mother, Estelle (Shirley MacLaine) is a happy retiree who must reveal an affair from long ago to her husband, Edgar (Hector Elizondo). Their granddaughter (Emma Roberts) is going to have sex with her boyfriend at her high school, where Tyler Harrington (Taylor Lautner) and Samantha Kenny (Taylor Swift) are athletic teenagers who are deeply in love. Meanwhile, a publicist named Kara (Jessica Biel) is seemingly alone with no date on Valentine's Day working for her boss, Kelvin Briggs (Jamie Foxx), with whom she falls in love. Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates makes an appearance as a "love therapist." Joe Jonas voices the dog of Alba's character Morley.

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